All About My Marriage Photography Passion

My Favorite Photography December 31, 2014

The essence of photography is the ability to capture the actual object down as real as possible for us to look back on. Sometimes, we can see something from the photographs that we are not able to see when we are right at the scene. This is because photographs capture the “moment” for us, and we can take our time to analyze and admire the photograph, which we may well missed out during the real occurrence. This is the magic of photography.

Every professional and amateur photographer will definitely have certain types of photography as their favorites, and among those for me, the hottest and absolute favorite are:

– wedding photography

– Maternity photography

– Baby photography

Because I feel that photography sessions during wedding photo shoots are usually the purest and because the couple are usually the deepest in love at that time. The couple is dizzy in love so it really shows happiness through the photographs taken during a marriage photo shoot. I am a positive person and thus would like to associate with happy things and events. Wedding photography is a really joyful job to me as I love to indulge in the blissful atmosphere of the wedding.

Maternity photography is also pretty cool as these maternity photo shoots offer the child an interesting perspective on life when he/she is old enough and looks back. Maternity photographs exudes a certain sense of maturity and quiet happiness from the mothers and I feel at peace with this feeling as well.

I guess I do not have to explain much with baby photography. Everyone loves babies. Baby photography is so cute because the babies are really adorable and innocent, they don’t know any good and evil, they are just pure. And it’s nice to see parents have much fun with their toddlers during such as photo shoot session as well.

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