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Choosing a wedding photographer in Singapore May 28, 2015

As a wedding photographer in Singapore, I know that there are some good and bad wedding photographers in Singapore. The bad ones are simply not skillful enough, not service-oriented enough, and/or not professional enough. I know that through my personal encounters with them, and also heard about them first-hand from clients. If you already engaged a wedding photographer for your wedding without doing much checks on him, it will be better to double check if he is good enough. A bad wedding photographer is not going to deliver quality wedding photographs to the wedding couples, and it will be a huge regret and costly mistake to make for the wedding couples.

So here’s how to choose a good wedding photographer in Singapore like

1. First, you got to consolidate a list of supposedly top wedding photographers in Singapore. You can do this by searching for wedding photographers in Singapore on search engines. Go through the list of results and finalize on at least 10 wedding photographers. You may want to get some referrals from your friends and families and include them in the list.

2. Do not compare their prices. Do you want a quality wedding photographer Singapore at a high price or want a so-so or bad wedding photographer at a low price? I’m sure wedding photographs are precious items to every couples, and hence quality will normally be the priority instead of the cost of the service. The not-so-good wedding photographers will try to push down their price to entice prospects. Do not be taken in by this tactic.

3. Meet up with the wedding photographers to find out more about their portfolio and service attitude. It is important to ask them face to face and check out their reactions to tell if they are speaking the truth instead of communicate to them via email. You will want to look through the wedding photographer Singapore’s wedding portfolio to find out whether the wedding photographs are skillfully taken. Moreover, see which wedding photographer Singapore you feel is the most honest and service-oriented, and also is most comfortable talking to.

Follow the 3 steps above to get yourself a good wedding photographer in Singapore.

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